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Swedish passport: the most powerful in the world


Sweden is the best country to have a passport from
A list of the best countries to have a passport from has been compiled – and Sweden places at the top, ahead of other European nations and the US. The Swedish passport is the most powerful passport in the world.
Passports from 50 countries were analysed by the online travel planning site GoEuro, to discover which ones are the most useful when travelling the globe.
The Swedish passport allows its holders access to 174 countries and costs $43 to renew – only one hour’s work on the country’s minimum wage, GoEuro says. The US passport by contrast costs $135 to renew, or 19 hours’ work at the minimum wage.
While the US has one of the most expensive passports globally, it pales in comparison to Turkey’s passport, which costs $251 to renew. And spare a thought for citizens of Liberia, who have to work 278 hours at the minimum wage to save the $50 needed to renew their passport. At the other end of the scale, a UAE passport is the cheapest at just $14.
The holders of Swedish, Finnish, German, USA and UK passports have the greatest freedom of movement, with visa-free access to 174 countries. At the bottom of the list is the Afghan passport, which allows free access to just 28 countries.
With all factors and others combined, the list of the ten best passports to have are: 1) Sweden; 2) Finland; 3) Germany; 4) UK; 5) USA; 6) Denmark; 7) Canada; 8) Spain; 9) Belgium; 10) Netherlands. Check out the full infographic here.
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[pictured: Data page of a Swedish biometric passport]


  1. It is also the eaiest to get. Just emter Europe illegially, proceed to Sweden instantly become a swedish citizen. Then get a passport. Meanwhile, also get free housing, clothes, furniture etc and a tidy income as a welfareimmigrant.
    Congratulations from us that has to pay for this unbelievable political madness.


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