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Swedish hotelier buys world’s priciest rum


Limited-edition bottle of rum bought for SEK 180,000

The part-owner of a luxury hotel in central Sweden has bought a limited-edition bottle of rum for SEK 180,000 (€21,250). Only 20 bottles of the rum were produced by master distillers in Trinidad, celebrating the Caribbean island’s 50 years of independence. This was the only bottle available on the Swedish market.
The hotelier, Georg Möller, owns a stake in Dömle herrgård, a hotel converted from a manor house in Värmland County. He said he thought about the purchase for just five minutes before parting with the large sum of money. But he added that he wouldn’t open it until his hotel welcomed a true VIP, such as US President Barack Obama.
In the meantime, the bottle will have its own display cabinet at the hotel.
NWT / The Local
[photo courtesy Dömle herrgård]


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