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Swedes to see world’s unknown destinations


Small group prepares to journey to Papua New Guinea

Two of the world’s least explored areas await 20 Swedes in late February, who will travel to Papua New Guinea and Trobriand on February 24 to March 12.

Papua New Guinea receives a total of almost 200,000 visitors a year. The corresponding figure for Thailand is 27 million.

The trip is being arranged by the cruise organiser Flod & Hav is will be led by biologist and author Stefan Edman, who has successively been hired as an expert by the Swedish government.

“Papua New Guinea is a unique destination and it is a privilege to get there,” he said. “We will meet people who live close to nature in ancient cultural traditions.”

Around 800 different languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea. The country has rivers, coastal plains and high mountains – but no roads. Travel is done by small plane or canoe.

“It’s a beautiful country with the world’s third largest rainforest and maybe 8% of all species. Just in the last ten years, thousands of new species have been discovered in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea! […] As travellers we have a great responsibility and must not act as if we are walking around in a living museum.”

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[pictured: Papuans on Lorentz River, Western New Guinea, during third South-New-Guinea expedition of 1912-13; photo taken by Professor August Adriaan Pulle]


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