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Swedes have world’s best passports


Sweden ranked above Norway and Denmark
A passport allows you to be a citizen of the world, but for some far more than others. New research has found that Swedes have the best passports in the world, opening them to travel to more places than anyone else.
Offshore services firm Nomad Capitalist ranked 199 countries for their “value of citizenship”, including not just visa-free travel but also taxes levied on citizens who live abroad, ease of dual citizenship, the country’s overall global reputation, and civil and personal freedoms.
A Swedish passport allows visa-free travel to 176 countries or territories. That’s one less than Germany. But Swedish expats can easily “get out of the high taxes in Sweden and go live somewhere else where there are lower taxes without a lot of headaches,” explains Nomad founder Andrew Henderson.
“Not too many people are getting into fights with the Swedes,” he said.
Of the top 43 passports on Nomad’s list, 33 are European. The USA is tied 35th with Slovenia.
After Sweden, the best passports in the world are, in order, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg. The worst are Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan and Libya.
In related news, the media company US News has ranked the “world’s best countries”. Switzerland is top, for its high GDP per capita and life expectancy, history of pacifism and Alpine scenery. The listing takes into account adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers, open for business, power and quality of life, though some factors are more important than others.
After Switzerland come, in order, Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, the USA, Australia, France, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark.
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