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Swedes’ top travel destinations revealed


Vagabond magazine releases Resebarometer survey

Sweden’s biggest consumer travel magazine has revealed the country’s top outbound destinations. Spain is top of the list, according to Vagabond magazine’s annual Resebarometer survey.

Swedes took more than 2 million trips to Spain last year, an 8% increase on the year before. In fact, Swedes have almost doubled their love of Spain over the last three years, the magazine says.

The Mediterranean country’s appeal lies in the fact that it’s sunny, warm, friendly, inexpensive, and not far away with an abundance of air connections. Political turbulence in Egypt and Turkey is also driving greater numbers of tourists to Spain.

The leader is far ahead of the pack, with Denmark a distant second at 1.18 million visits, down 8% compared to 2012 – without the political turbulence.

Beyond Europe, Swedes’ most favoured destination is the US (534,000 trips; 11th overall), followed by Thailand in 12th. The fastest growing destination is Estonia, with almost 200,000 visits, up more than 50%, while Poland suffered the biggest drop, to 17th, down 18%.

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