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Sweden’s strangest tourist attractions


Little-known sights include a Viking village and the Devil’s Bible
Christian Olsson, who runs a blog called the Hidden Wonders of Sweden, shares his top ten places in the country that you may not have heard of.
These include the 620-page Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas) in the National Library, Stockholm, handwritten by an imprisoned monk who got the devil’s help to complete it in a single night.
Deep in the forests of Värmland is a Viking village known as Nysäter, where Värmlands Vikingacenter lies, which has everything from Viking ships to huge markets.
Sweden’s smallest church, Lillkyrkan in Koberg, is about 1.5 square metres and is available for baptisms and weddings.
Other places in the article include Snow White’s house, Lenin’s spa resort, a Buddhist Centre in Lapland and a secret pirate island. The article can be found here.
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