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Sweden improves classic train journey


Stockholm-Gothenburg rail route enhances Sweden experience

Billed as a unique project for train enthusiasts, the Blå Tåget (Blue Train) has been inaugurated by the company Skandinaviska Jernbanor AB to offer memorable travel where the journey itself is part of the experience, the organisers say. In the spring, a “piano bar” will join the train. Organisers say that Blå Tåget crosses the country offering good service, friendly personnel and quality food and drink: “The food is prepared on board, served in beautifully presented restaurant carriages.” The electric locomotives are “new and environmentally friendly”, the carriages from the sixties. All have onboard internet access.
It is possible to travel directly between Gothenburg and Uppsala over five hours without having to change trains. Stations where you can get on and off include Skövde and Stockholm.
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