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Sweden fears legalized cannabis in Denmark


Skåne politicians write protest letter to Copenhagen mayor

Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen has backed the legalisation of the sale of marijuana and hashish, calling for a “paradigm shift” in perceptions. Police enforcement over the years has brought no results, he argues. “We now want to take the trade away from the gangs and create a controlled market where people can buy cannabis and know its strengths,” he told the Copenhagen Post last month. “By regulating it we can also bring healthcare professionals closer to people that abuse cannabis.”
But the mayor’s views have not gone down well among politicians in southern Sweden, who fear that marijuana may go freely on sale just down the road. A group of 19 politicians in Skåne have written a letter of protest to Jensen.
So far, however, the Copenhagen mayor’s plans have won little support in the Danish government and parliament.
TT / The Local
[pictured: Illegal cannabis field]


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