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Sweden ends ID checks from Denmark


European Commission urges “normal functioning of the Schengen Area”
Traffic flows across the Oresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark should improve now that Sweden says it is ending identity checks on border crossings with its neighbour.
Identity checks on passengers travelling between Denmark and Sweden by bus, train and ferry expire on May 4. The checks, which have irritated commuters as well as tourists, were introduced early last year in an effort to control the migration of thousands of people seeking asylum.
However, border controls elsewhere will be tightened, with the use of more spot checks, more surveillance cameras and vehicle x-rays.
The European Commission has recommended that border controls brought in during the migrant crisis in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway now be phased out over the coming six months.
“The time has come to take the last concrete steps to gradually return to a normal functioning of the Schengen Area,” said EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos.


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