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Sweden and Denmark most expensive EU countries


Nordic countries have most expensive hotels, alcohol and clothes

Sweden and Denmark come top of the list of the European Union’s most expensive countries, according to a new study by the statistical office Eurostat. The prices of goods and services are as much as 42% higher than the EU average in Denmark and around 28% higher in Sweden, making them the most most expensive countries to live in the EU’s 27 member states, and the most expensive countries for tourists to visit. The cheapest shopping in the EU can be found in Bulgaria, according to Eurostat’s price index, where a visit to a store will cost around half as much as the union average.
Sweden comes top in the cost of clothes, shoes and transport services, priced at between 30% and 40% above the average. Both Denmark and Sweden are also among the most expensive when it comes to alcohol and tobacco prices. However, Ireland now tops the list in this category, at 163% of the union average, while Hungary is the cheapest with 63%. The huge variations are mostly connected with the different levels of taxation.
Denmark has the most expensive restaurants and hotels in the EU, with prices at an average of 154% of the union average, with Sweden coming second with 147%.
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[pictured: Beyond Retro store, Södermalm, Stockholm; photo by Tuukka Ervasti/ imagebank.sweden.se]


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