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Sweden’s incoming tourism falls flat


Income from foreign tourists is revised downwards

Foreign tourists are not visiting Sweden in the numbers previously forecast. A forecast made in 2009 that turnover from incoming tourism would double to 500 billion kronor (€56 billion) by 2020 has been lowered; the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation now expects foreign tourist spending to be 451 billion kronor. Experts say there is no crisis, as the country’s tourism stats have never been higher. But expectations have not been met. Growth in incoming tourists of 6.4% per year was the previous forecast, but last year only 3% more tourists visited.
“The industry has set high goals, and this generates creativity,” said the federation’s president Jan Lundin in a statement. “But we cannot act alone here, and it’s time join hands with the convention, culture and sports industries. Together, we can create more reasons to travel here, to take part in community building, and to contribute to the development of the regions that don’t only attract more visitors, but even become attractive places to live and work.”
Compounding Sweden’s problems are the strong Swedish currency and the high cost of eating and drinking in Sweden.
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[pictured: Skeppsholmen, Stockholm; photo by Nicho Södling/imagebank.sweden.se]


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