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Sweden’s annual bear hunt begins today


Around 300 brown bears to be killed over two months

Sweden’s annual bear hunt begins today. Around 10% of the population of brown bears in the country, or 312 bears to be exact, will be killed over the next two months as authorities try to control population numbers. The animals will be professionally hunted between August 21 and October 15.
The hunting will be distributed around Sweden according to bear numbers. In the county of Västerbotten in the north, for example, 25 bears out of a population of 300 will be hunted this season.
“There is a long list of conditions that the Västerbotten hunters must meet if they wish to take part in the hunt,” Swedish Environmental Protection Agency expert Michael Schneider told the newspaper Västerbottens Kuriren. “The terms are there to avoid adverse effects and to evaluate the hunt afterwards.”
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[photo by Jim Chapman]


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