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Swede fakes bomb after missing flight


SAS demands he pay SEK 100,000 in damages

Angry after missing his SAS flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Malta, a male passenger from Gävle in central Sweden faked a bomb threat to stop the flight from leaving. He was later charged with raising false alarm. The gate had just closed as he ran towards it shouting “I’m getting on that plane!” When a SAS employee told the man, whose breath allegedly smelled of alcohol, that it was too late to board, he replied that there was a bomb on the plane. The aircraft was prevented from departing and police were called.
As a consequence, passengers were put on another plane and arrived in Malta more than two hours late. Nine missed connecting flights. SAS wants the man to pay SEK 100,000 (€11,600) in damages.
The Local
[pictured: Stockholm Arlanda Terminal 5; photo Swedavia/Daniel Asplund]


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