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Swedavia’s passengers donate more than 1 million Swedish kronor to people in need

In one year, passengers at Swedavia’s ten airports have donated more than 1.3 million Swedish kronor to people in need.
“A great outcome – this further strengthens our collaboration with the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders,” says Tove Möller, diversity manager at Swedavia.
One year ago, Swedavia launched new collaborative projects with the two charities Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. In partnership with Returpack/Pantamera, a company that promotes the recycling of cans and bottles, Swedavia installed a number of specially designed recycling receptacles in Sweden’s ten state-owned airports. Passengers can deposit their bottles or cans for recycling, and the money goes directly to Doctors Without Borders’ operations.
In all, passengers deposited 12,186 kilos of recyclable beverage containers valued at more than SEK 500,000 through the end of November.
“What was once an environmental problem – people throwing recyclable containers in with the regular waste – has been turned into something positive, so that the containers instead end up in Returpack/Pantamera’s recycling system and make a financial contribution to very important operations,” Ms Möller notes.
As a result of Swedavia’s collaboration with the Red Cross, items that were lost or found at the Group’s airports and not claimed by the owners within three months are now donated to be sold in the Red Cross’s second-hand shops. Most items were lost at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, where the Red Cross makes eight collections a year. The personal effects left behind most often are telephones, computers and clothes. However, tobacco or alcohol left behind is not donated but instead destroyed in accordance with the regulations in force.
So far this year, thanks to its collaboration with Swedavia, the Red Cross has sold SEK 820,000 worth of goods, and there are many items still unsold on their shop shelves.
Swedavia has a very favourable view of its ability to support – with the help of passengers – Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross’s important efforts in society, and hopes it can further develop this collaboration in 2016.


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