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Swedavia to offer unemployed youths internships at its airports

Swedavia, together with the Swedish Public Employment Service, would like to give young people and the long-term unemployed a chance to enter the labour market. The partnership involves internships for people who run the risk of long-term joblessness.
At seven of Swedavia’s airports around Sweden, some 45 adults who are long-term unemployed or youths at risk of long-term unemployment now have internships of up to three months, in partnership with the Swedish Public Employment Service.
“We want to play a part in creating a sustainable labour market and thus positive social development. We are engaging people who are unemployed, both youths and others at risk of long-term unemployment. By offering internships, we want to make it easier for them to enter the labour force and expand their job opportunities,” says Marie Wiksborg, director of human resources at Swedavia.
The internships at the airport last for up to three months. They include trying out duties in terminal hospitality, property maintenance, customer relations, landscaping, automotive workshops, communications and media, parking, operations assistance and information desk service.
“We see that youths and other people who have been long-term unemployed often lack work experience, references and contacts. An internship enhances their potential to get a job in the long term. So we are very positive about this partnership with Swedavia,” says Robert Nyholm, manager of the employment service’s aviation section.
During the winter, Swedavia will have a total of about 45 interns at seven airports: Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Åre Östersund Airport, Malmö Airport, Visby Airport, Kiruna Airport, Umeå Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
Those included in the partnership between Swedavia and the Swedish Public Employment Service are long-term unemployed youths (ages 18-30) and long-term unemployed adults. The partnership is aimed at people covered under the scope of the employment agency’s Youth Guarantee and Job and Development Guarantee programmes, as well as its programmes for recent arrivals to Sweden and for disabled people.


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