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Swedavia app gives gate and boarding times


New features make it easier to navigate airports



Swedavia says its airport app has now been updated with a number of services that make it easier for passengers to navigate the airport.

The function in greatest demand is gate and boarding information for departing flights updated in real time. Other new features are baggage arrival time and a travel planner, which shows the easiest way to travel by public transport to and from the airport. This mobile app is now available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Since Swedavia launched its airport app in 2011, many passengers have asked for more functions for their mobile, which they use “on the go” en route to and from the airport or their destination.

“We have updated the app based on passengers’ wishes for quick access to this kind of information wherever they are at the airport. Above all, it will make it easier to visit our large airports [in Stockholm or Göteborg],” said Michael Persson Gripkow, Swedavia’s chief commercial and marketing officer.

As previously reported, Swedavia recently launched another mobile service, The Local’s Guide, as a real-time travel guide based on Instagram feeds. Now users can also get travel inspiration through Swedavia’s app because The Local’s Guide is included in the new version.

The app covers all of Swedavia’s airports, with the choice of airport determined by the traveller’s location.

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