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Swedavia: Airports to donate items left behind to the Red Cross


Each year Swedavia’s airports look after a large number of items that have been left behind. At Stockholm Arlanda Airport alone, some 14,000 items are involved. The airport group has now signed an agreement with the Red Cross, which will handle property at the lost and found office that owners have not claimed after three months. The items will be picked up by the Red Cross in order to be sold in the organisation’s second-hand shops across Sweden.

The lost and found offices at Swedavia’s ten airports handle tens of thousands of items left behind by passengers each year – everything from umbrellas and jackets to computers and mobile phones. After an item has been kept at the airport for three months, it will now be taken care of by the Red Cross. The organisation will pick up and transport the items from the airport in order to sell them in Red Cross second-hand shops.

“With this agreement we have further enhanced our fine collaboration with the Red Cross and are also creating a win-win situation for both parties. Items not picked up by their owners will benefit Red Cross operations, while at the same time we have a complete grasp of how the items are handled once they leave the airports. We will also know how much economic value we contribute through sales in Red Cross second-hand shops, which are found in every community we have operations in,” says Tove Möller, diversity manager at Swedavia.

“Our expanded collaboration with Swedavia feels totally right. The Red Cross has 281 second-hand shops across Sweden, and the shops constitute a foundation of our social work and collections. It is extremely important to be able to sell good merchandise, and now some of our shops will be especially attractive,” says Peder Johnson, project manager for second-hand operations at the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is already one of Swedavia’s five priority partners within the scope of the company’s work with diversity and social sustainability.


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