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Survey finds worst jobs in travel industry


Flight crew have the worst job in travel, report says

An annual survey by the employment-hunting site CareerCast.com lists the best jobs you can have. The latest edition ranks flight attendants 191st out of 200, close to the bottom of the list.
“High stress, low pay and a shrinking job market all contribute to the flight attendant’s inclusion among the worst jobs of 2013,” the report says. “As airlines continue to consolidate and reduce staff, this is unlikely to change.”
Postmen, traffic wardens, dairy farmers, oil-rig workers and lumberjacks are among those who have to endure worse working conditions, according to the list.
The best job in the travel industry is apparently an aerospace engineer, taking the 100th spot, followed by airline pilots at 129. Aircraft mechanics are ranked 149, hotel managers are at 159 and air traffic controllers come in at 170th.
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