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Superstition still plays a role in air travel


Is it really technology that keeps an aircraft in the air?

Some regular passengers travelling by air in the US have been keeping the planes from crashing by using strange rituals. One 62-year-old passenger makes a small circle with his finger, faster and faster as the plane accelerates and takes off. “This will keep the engines running,” he says. A couple travelling together say that they lift their feet as the plane leaves the runway. Another passenger lifts the aircraft’s arms rests. They all say that these superstitious rituals have kept them alive so far.
A psychiatrist explains that it’s all part of creating the illusion of being in control. “The plane is not just a mechanical object, but it has feelings,” he says. “You think the plane is trying and struggling, and you need to help it.”
USA Today
[pictured: SAS A340 engine]


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