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Suite dreams: five deluxe domiciles


Suite dreams are made of these…

Just as a good pair of shoes says a lot about a person’s character, suites express the essence of a hotel. Each flagship hotel room tells its own inspiring tale of luxury. At Design Hotels™, this extravagant tale is told by the world’s most talented designers, and represents the height of creative expression. Enjoy this tour of five exquisite suites that blur the line between sweet dreams and perfect reality.

The dynamics of London’s artistic East End and the industrious City are fused together in the elegant suite of South Place Hotel. From the private pools of the otherworldly villa-suites at Casa de la Flora in Khao Lak, lose yourself in cosmic star-gazing. Steal away to Oslo, where THE THIEF presents its plunder of precious works by modern artists against the backdrop of the Oslo Fjord. While others fight their way through traffic, enjoy the exclusive view of the Eiffel Tower from Hôtel Sezz Paris. Or step out of your snug mountain lair suite onto the snow-muffled rooftop terrace at Zhero – Ischgl/Kappl. www.designhotels.com/suite_dreams


South Place Hotel, London, UK

Designed by Conran + Partners, all 80 rooms of South Place Hotel are a dream come true for those appreciative of vibrant, yet understated luxury. Suite 610 is a 120 sqm (1290 sqft) walk-in showcase for iconic furniture and avant-garde art. Find inspiration in Tom Gallant’s triptych of 3D-moths cut from vintage porn magazines, while soaking in the freestanding glass bathtub.


THE THIEF, Oslo, Norway

Whether architectural or natural, Oslo is rich in spoils. Experience a spectacular sampling in the 118 rooms of THE THIEF. Design aficionados are abuzz about the prize-winning ‘The Oslo Suite’ (160 sqm/ 1720sqft) with its rooftop terrace, and original collages by pop artist Sir Peter Blake. Or for lovers of the eccentric: Apparatjik Suite, designed by the art-and-music collective Apparatjik with a-ha, Coldplay and Mew band members, features disco balls, humorous installations, and pixelated carpets.


Casa de la Flora, Khao Lak, Thailand

The 36 cube-suites of Casa de la Flora set the scene for exotic adventure on the shores of Khao Lak. Reminiscent of floating sky lanterns, Vasu Virajsilp’s glass and concrete structures stand out against the green jungle and turquoise ocean. Each suite offers an overflowing pool, a private butler service, and direct access to the beach. Sizes vary from 70 to 145 sqm (from 750 to 1560 sqft).


Hôtel Sezz Paris, France

The owner of Hôtel Sezz Paris’ 26 rooms, Shahé Kalaidjian, believes that nowadays luxury is defined by space and service. Staying true to this creed, a personal assistant escorts you to the 70 sqm (750 sqft) Eiffel Suite on the 7th floor, featuring a two-person tub, complimentary Veuve Clicquot, and a vue magnifique of the Eiffel Tower.


Zhero – Ischgl/Kappl, Austria

Perched on the Tyrolean slopes, the impressive architectural feat of Zhero – Ischgl/Kappl combines urban flair with a twist of tradition. Of the 79 rooms, the 141 sqm (1520 sqft) Penthouse Suite, with design by Jens Liebhauser and EWRE Interior, is the pièce de résistance and features a terrace, an open fireplace, a state-of-the-art sound system as well as a DJ upon request.


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