Home News Suicidal passenger tries to open emergency exit

Suicidal passenger tries to open emergency exit


Aircraft forced to make emergency landing in Memphis



It’s the situation many air travellers fear. A suicidal passenger tried to open an emergency exit on an AirTran Airways flight from Baltimore to Austin in the US on Monday. The passenger was physically restrained, but the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Memphis.

The passenger had attempted to open a door in the rear of the plane.

AirTran is a unit of Southwest Airlines. A Southwest spokesman said that the flight had been “safely diverted”. He added: “I understand there was an unruly customer among the 120 onboard (plus crew of five).”

On landing, the passengers were taken off the plane they could be interviewed and the aircraft checked. The man, who did not appear to be intoxicated, was questioned by the FBI to see if any charges would be made.

Reuters / AP


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