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Strongest satellite modem – on a cruise ship


Norwegian Cruise Line and MTN pioneer the iDirect X7

MTN Communications and its partner Norwegian Cruise Line are pioneering a new high-performance satellite modem on the Norwegian Breakaway vessel.

The iDirect X7, which currently enables speeds of up to 100 Mbps, was installed after a six-month test process in engineering lab in Florida.

The cruise line says the modem has dramatically improved the efficiency and throughput of the ship’s communications system, enabling the most cutting-edge internet service at sea.

MTN says the X7 is the most advanced satellite modem it has ever developed, and putting it on a cruise ship with upwards of 6,000 passengers and crew with thousands of mobile devices was “the ultimate test”.

Vincent Cirel, Norwegian Cruise Line’s senior vice president and CIO: “We were thrilled to be the testbed for the X7. It has performed extremely well and will be a cornerstone to support the insatiable demand for the high-throughput internet, TV, voice and app services on our ships.”

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[image courtesy MTN]


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