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Strong earthquake hits Italy


Quake kills at least seven, damages historic buildings

A strong earthquake struck northern Italy early on Sunday, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 50. Thousands more have been displaced. A large number of aftershocks are continuing to bring damaged buildings to the ground. The magnitude 6.0 quake occurred at about 04:00, and the head of the country’s civil protection agency is now leading the government’s response to the disaster.
The epicentre of the earthquake was a short distance outside the town of Camposanto, which is 35 kilometres northwest of Bologna. A medieval tower in Finale Emilia has reportedly collapsed, while a tower of the moated, medieval castle Castello Estense in Ferrara [pictured] was damaged.
[pictured: Castello Estense; Archivio Fotografico Provincia di Ferrara]


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