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Strike at Norwegian gets Danish twist


Staff in Norway wait for decision of Danish colleagues

There will be no Danish strike at the airline Norwegian on Monday, so there will also be no strike just yet in Norway.

A Danish conciliator has given the airline and Danish cabin crew until May 21 to reach an agreement for Denmark, and since the staff in Norway have decided to go on strike together, just one person is now on strike in Norway. The rest will follow when the Danes decide to strike.

Talks in Norway between Norwegian’s management and flight attendants broke down this week. But although the union Parat has called for industrial action it is unclear if this will mean a full strike and a full stop to all the carrier’s flights. Since some cabin staff are organised by Danish unions, the strike will not take effect immediately.

As previously reported, the union wants to maintain the current agreement for cabin crews. In March, Norwegian transferred its cabin crew to Cabin Services Norway and Cabin Services Denmark, two companies the airline established in 2013. Cabin crews fear the airline’s next move will be to sell these two companies, removing it from responsibility to make agreements with the union and hire them instead from a staffing company.

DR / Norway Post

[photo courtesy Norwegian]


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