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Strike action in the airline sector from 6 to 9 February


Advice to passengers

Following a call for strike action from 6 to 9 February made by several unions in the airline sector, Air France is doing all it can to limit the impact of this strike on its operations and to inform its customers in advance, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Air France apologizes to its passengers for the disruption and inconvenience that this strike may cau-se, which will affect the whole French air transport industry.

 Air France will directly inform its customers

In case of cancellations, delays or postponed flights, Air France will directly inform its customers of the disruption affecting their flight by telephone, text message or e-mail.

In order to be informed personally, Air France advises all its customers to ensure they provide reliable contact details where they can be contacted during their trip (mobile phone and e-mail).

Passengers can give their contact details online at www.airfrance.com, on the Air France mobile website (http://mobile.airfrance.com), iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps, in the “Manage your reservations” section.

This service is free of charge and is available to all passengers worldwide. The confidential information will only be used to inform them in case of disruption.

 Consulting flight information

Information concerning flights for any particular day and the following day can be consulted at any time:
• at www.airfrance.fi , in the “Flight information and schedules” section.
• On the Air France mobile website (http://mobile.airfrance.com) and on the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, in the “All flight schedules” section.
• By texting their flight number to 6 36 54. For example, if your flight number is AF6250, text ‘AF6250’. In just a few minutes, you will receive the information in real time. This service is only available on Metropolitan France.
• By calling +358 (0) 200 320 20 and abroad by calling the number indicated in the “Contact us” section at www.airfrance.fi .

 Last minute delays and cancellations are possible

Air France will do its best to adjust its flight schedule depending on how many of its employees join the strike. However, as they are not obliged to inform the Company in advance of their intention to strike, some last minute delays and cancellations may arise.

 Changing travel dates and information on traffic forecasts

Passengers due to travel between 6 and 9 February will be able to modify or postpone their journey. Practical information is available online at www.airfrance.fi .

On Friday 3 February, Air France will provide traffic forecasts for Monday 6 February.


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