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Strike action in the air industry on 10 February


. Limited disruption thanks to the dedication of Air France staff: 75% of flights operated over the four-day strike
. Return to normal Friday 10 February

Today, 77% of long-haul and 75% of medium-haul flights operated

Today, at 5pm, Air France was able to operate 77% of its long-haul flight schedule and 75% of its short and medium-haul schedule, which is better than expected.

At 5pm, the number of last-minute cancellations remains very limited, concerning less than 5% of medium-haul flights and two long-haul flights (Bombay and Malabo).

 Return to a normal flight schedule on 10 February

Air France is preparing to resume a normal flight schedule on 10 February. This will nevertheless require some aircraft preparations due to the current very cold conditions in and around Paris, which could cause some delays.

Air France would like to once again apologize to its customers for the disruption and inconvenience caused by this strike action.

 75% of flights operated over the four-day strike

The dedication of Air France staff on the ground, 24/7, to inform customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible, limited disruption at the airport and the number of last-minute cancellations.

• From 6 to 9 February, Air France was able to operate more than 75% of flights on its short, medium and long-haul networks.
Over the four-day strike, Air France carried over 325,000 passengers.

• Despite this unprecedented mobilization, Air France has been forced to make more than 300 last-minute flight cancellations since the beginning of the strike, due to a lack of visibility as to the availability of staff. This has caused great inconvenience to Air France passengers and forced the company to reroute passengers on other Air France flights or those of a SkyTeam member airline or another airline.

• During the four days of strike action, thanks to the Air France Connect service, over 200,000 text messages and e-mails were sent to inform customers of a postponed or cancelled flight.

Air France management would like to thank all employees, ground staff, crew, at the crisis centre and at the customer call centres, for their dedication which enabled operations to continue.


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