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Strange things people leave behind on planes


Parrots, fake limbs, bags of onions and sand

The travel website Skyscanner has made a list of the strangest objects left behind by passengers on planes. For its research it surveyed 700 cabin crew from 83 countries.

Live animals were high on the list, with airline employees saying they had found a falcon, a frog, a tortoise and a parrot as they were cleaning up aircraft after landing.

Other forgotten items include a prosthetic leg, a glass eye, a written marriage proposal, a wig, a toupee, a bag of diamonds, a bag of onions and a bag of sand.

David Boyte, Skyscanner’s managing director, commented in a statement that surely a prosthetic leg is “something you don’t forget”.

The most common items left behind were passports (24% of crew members surveyed said they had found one) and mobile phones (23%).


[pictured: Prosthetic right eye]


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