Home News Stockholm tourists look out for “ghost thieves”

Stockholm tourists look out for “ghost thieves”


Foreign tourists warned about new form of robbery

“Ghost thieves” are targeting foreign tourists in Gamla Stan, Drottninggatan and other busy central areas in the Swedish capital.

According to reports, while some of them have their faces painted white and are dressed in white sheets, distracting sightseers, their accomplices pick their pockets.

“Thieves are always finding new methods,” Gunnar Thun of the Stockholm police tells the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “Often, the thievery is carried out using some kind of distraction. These people in particular are very blunt and pushy, which perplexes people.”

Thun added that when identified the thieves are hard to catch, often passing the stolen goods very quickly to a third party.

“Many tourists think that Stockholm is a safe city,” he said. “This is true, perhaps, when it comes to violent crimes, but not when it comes to personal property crimes. Things are stolen very often here.”

TT/The Local

[pictured: Central Stockholm; photo by Tuukka Ervasti/imagebank.sweden.se]


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