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Stockholm drops Winter Olympics bid


Lack of financial clarity motivates decision
Three years after pulling its bid to stage the 2022 Winter Olympics for financial reasons, the city of Stockholm has done the same with its bid for the 2026 version.
Stockholm Mayor Karin Wanngård explained that the International Olympic Committee could not say how big the host city’s financial contribution would have to be – figures that “will arrive at the earliest in November”.
“This means that time will be too short to get enough analysis for the issues raised by several actors,” said Wanngård, whose Social Democratic Party had previously backed the event.
“We Social Democrats have always thought that the Olympic Games are important for Stockholm’s growth and development,” she said. “Unfortunately, we are alone to have this position about the Olympic Games.”
The Swedish Sports Confederation and the sports minister supported the decision to pull the bid.
Stockholm hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics but has never staged the winter version. The towns and cities of Ostersund, Falun and Gothenburg have mounted failed winter bids in the past.


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