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Stockholm Arlanda Airport donates 700 kg of clothing to the Red Cross


This week, Swedavia held a clothing drive in collaboration with Clarion and the Red Cross. Together, the partners at Stockholm Arlanda Airport collected 700 kg of clothing, shoes and accessories, which are now on their way to Red Cross operations. With the help of these donations, the charity can continue to ensure that people’s everyday lives are better – locally, nationally and internationally.

“We would like to extend our great thanks to all the employees who made a big contribution by diving deep into their closets at home. For us here at Swedavia, our partnership with the Red Cross is something we are proud of and something that is right in line with our corporate values,” says Marie Olsson, product manager at Swedavia, Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

“It feels really great to be able to contribute. As Sweden’s largest workplace, there are a lot of us here who can do our share and thus help to make life a little better for the most vulnerable people in society,” says Malin Selberg, passion manager at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport.

The Red Cross has operated a pop-up shop in SkyCity at Stockholm Arlanda since January 2014. With the shop now closing, airport employees made a concerted effort. The clothing donated will be sold in some of the Red Cross charity shops in Stockholm.

“We have had a very positive response during the time the shop has been open. Both passengers and employees at the airport have appreciated a sustainable and unusual shopping alternative at Stockholm Arlanda,” says Red Cross shop manager Louise Edlund.


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