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Stockholm airport bomb scare: man arrested


Alert later called off and technicians examine plane
In the latest in a series of bomb threats on air travel in Scandinavia, a man has been arrested in Finland after allegedly staging a threat against a plane departing Stockholm Arlanda for Helsinki. The alert was later lifted, but the passengers had to be transferred to another aircraft.
The aircraft with 53 passengers on board was scheduled to depart at 22:30 on Wednesday. The alert was called off early on Thursday morning and technicians examined the plane.
“During the night we went on searching through the plane, and also examined the checked-in baggage. The luggage never got loaded on board, but stood on carts next to the plane,” police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said.
Other recent apparent hoaxes at Arlanda include one that shut down Terminal 2 in May 2014 when a passenger said he was carrying a bomb in his bag, and a threat in December specifying a bomb hidden in luggage.
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