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Start-up turns photos into travel memories


Travellers can add photos, videos, music, quotes, people and places
A new start-up travel website, Atameo, says it allows tourists to store all of their travel memories in one place and displays them on an interactive world map.
The individuals behind the Berlin-based start-up explain that people have always told the stories of their adventures, in letters, books or around the campfire. Today, travelling is shared on social media. Atameo has launched a platform to turn “travel photos and the places you visited into beautiful and personal travel memories”.
“Keeping track of your trips is a lot of work,” Atameo says. “Most people never get around to writing journals or printing photo books. Some have a map with pins on their wall or a tin-box with a collection of pictures and memories.”
Atameo co-founder Henning Lueke: “We tend to have our travel memories lying around all over the place. Atameo is a place where everything comes together.”
Travellers can add their photos, videos, music, quotes, people they have met, places they’ve visited and “anything that makes their trip extraordinary”. Atameo has just launched an iPhone and Android app to log trips on the go.
It is an idea that came about in the remotest place on earth. Sitting in a small plane over the Australian desert, scouting off-road tracks for a large Land Rover expedition, Lueke used four different apps to record places, photos, ideas and routes. He had the idea to combine these features and build a system to automatically record data about a trip.
In the future, Atameo plans to further automate the trip-recording, to allow travellers to fully immerse into their experiences without having to focus on writing everything down. The idea is to make it as simple as possible to generate beautiful travel memories. The young company also wants to allow travellers to use trips from other users as a basis to plan their own adventures.
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