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Star Alliance launches enhanced Asia Airpass


Star Alliance is launching an enhanced Asia Airpass for travel across the Asian continent, which in addition to the 15 countries and territories already offered, now includes Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Its scope has
further been extended to include all Star Alliance destinations in Japan and
additional flights to India.
“The new Asia Airpass, with its extended routing possibilities, reflects the
growing desire for travellers to explore the full Asian continent on an Airpass
journey, a need which was not fully met in the past,” said Horst Findeisen, Vice
President Commercial and Business Development at Star Alliance.

The Asia Airpass is valid for a minimum of three flights and a maximum of 10,
with a choice of over 235 destinations. Further countries that may be visited on
an Asia Airpass trip are Cambodia, China including Hong Kong SAR , Indonesia,
Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan,
Thailand and Vietnam.

The enhancement of the Asian Airpass form part of a wider streamlining of the
Star Alliance fare products. The revised portfolio offers the following seven
fare products:

• Africa Airpass
• Asia Airpass
• China Airpass
• Europe Airpass
• North America Airpass
• Circle Pacific Fare
• Round the World Fare

“These fares allow customers to maximise their travel opportunities on Star
Alliance member airlines and demonstrate the value of a strong collective
regional network”, commented Findeisen.

Similar products are available from our member airlines’ which can be booked by
Star Alliance customers looking for regional travel. For example. ANA offers a
Japan Airpass, TAM Airlines offers a Brazil Airpass, Thai has a Thailand Airpass
and United offers a Micronesia Airpass.

A Star Alliance airpass allows customers to travel across a geographic region
making use of flights offered by the various Star Alliance member airlines. The
fares are calculated on a per coupon basis and offer better value for money than
buying individual airline tickets. Airpasses can be purchased in conjunction
with any international return ticket for travel into the area on a Star Alliance
member airline.

Circle Fare
The Circle Pacific Fare is designed to facilitate travel between destinations
across the Pacific Rim using various Star Alliance member carriers. Customers
select the destinations offered to create a personalised circular itinerary. The
fare is calculated by the total distance travelled and cabin class, whereby
passengers have the choice of purchasing First, Business or Economy Class.
Travel needs to begin and end in the same country.

Round the World Fare
In addition, Star Alliance will continue to offer its popular Round the World
Fare, which enables customers to make use of the entire Star Alliance network to
travel around the globe. Compared to single point-to-point tickets the fare is
attractively priced, with levels set according to distance and class of travel.
Customers can choose between three mileage levels 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000
miles. The fare is available for travel in First, Business or Economy Class.
Tickets are valid for one year and permit anywhere between three and 15
stopovers. Additionally, a Round the World special fare is on offer, which is
only available for travel in Economy Class, has a maximum mileage of 26,000,
needs to be purchased seven days prior to departure and permits three to five

Star Alliance Book & Fly
“Star Alliance Book & Fly” in an online booking tool available at
/ (http://www.staralliance.com/en/booking/book-and-fly%20/)which allows
customers to plan their Round the World and Circle Pacific Fare journeys from
the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Bookings can
be made anywhere in the world and tickets are automatically issued
electronically. The booking engine is currently available in English, German and


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