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Space tourism by balloon likely by 2014


Customers to pay €110,000 to be taken up 32 kilometres

Following a successful test involving a humanoid robot, a new Spanish company expects to take tourists in a balloon to an altitude of 32 kilometres where they will be able to enjoy stunning views of the Earth and a weightless astronaut experience. Customers paying around €110,000 will be able to take the trip by 2014, thinks Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, the founder and CEO of the company, Zero 2 Infinity. He adds that he wants to give customers the freedom to do whatever they want at this altitude.
“Some people will want to tweet. Some will want to put down a carpet and pray to mecca. Some people will want to eat their favourite buffalo wings while they’re up there.”
The flight test took place at an Air Force base near Virgen del Camino, Spain, but launching from other locations in the country will also be possible.
[image courtesy Zero 2 Infinity]


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