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Social media site shames passengers


Passengers’ and flight attendants’ photos posted on Facebook



A social media campaign is shaming passengers who insist of being inconsiderate to others on their flight. Photos are sent by passengers and flight attendants, anonymously, to Passenger Shaming coordinator Shawn Kathleen, who has been an air hostess herself since 2010. She then posts them on Facebook and Instagram.

The results are not pretty – half-naked passengers, bare feet propped up against occupied seats or on tray tables, pools of urine in the sink, and passengers clipping their nails, changing babies’ nappies on the tray table, making an unbelievable mess around them, or sleeping with their bare legs across the aisle. The Facebook page currently has more than 40,000 likes.

Ms Kathleen also writes a blog, Rants Of A Sassy Stew, which describes the many problems she has experienced up in the air.

The Daily Mail / CNN

[image courtesy PassengerShaming.com]


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