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Smoking children burn down tourist attraction


Victim is Krasna Horka, 14th-century castle in eastern Slovakia

Two Slovak boys aged 11 and 12 are believed to have burned down one of the most beautiful Gothic castles in Central and Eastern Europe over the weekend when their experiment with smoking went wrong. Police suspect that as they were trying to light up cigarettes at the foot of the hill where Krasna Horka castle stands, in eastern Slovakia, they mistakenly set dry grass alight. The blaze quickly spread to the castle itself. Krasna Horka dates back to the early 14th century.
The castle roofs burned down completely, together with new exhibition and the bell tower. Three bells melted. However, most of the historical collections appear to have been saved, including photographs of from the 19th and 20th centuries, oil paintings and ornaments.
Huffington Post
[photo courtesy Hrad Krasna Horka]


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