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Smartphones are not key to travel for users


Users are less likely to do mobile check-in or booking

Smartphones are well on their way to ubiquity – but a smaller proportion of their owners are using them to book or engage with travel. According to a new PhoCusWright study, the latest European Consumer Travel Report, a large majority of users accessed the web from a mobile in the past year, a 10% increase across markets from the previous year. Travellers are connecting more frequently as well. But for mobile web activity specifically related to travel, growth is nowhere near as fast. In fact, in Germany for example, despite the increased appetite for smartphones, the percentage of mobile web users who engage in several travel-related activities, such as mobile check-ins and mobile booking, actually fell substantially.
The answer to this contradiction lies in the changing mobile audience in Europe. The first consumers to buy an iPhone after it hit the shelves were a tech-savvy, affluent group. These consumers often engaged in a broad range of mobile activities, including travel-related functions. Now, however, smartphones are conventional technology, increasingly in the hands of a mainstream audience with less inclination to explore complex mobile functions.
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