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Smartest travel innovations of 2014 listed


Smart apps, clever boarding, functional bags…

Yahoo Travel lists some of the “top travel innovations of 2014” – gadgets designed to make travel faster, smarter and sometimes also cheaper.

Controlled via an app, the Bluesmart carry-on suitcase can be locked and unlocked with the tap of a smartphone. Meanwhile, TLS Weekender’s highly functional Professional Weekend Bag for business travellers has multiple compartments for all kinds of purposes.

Marriott began using “virtual reality teleporters” for marketing in September, transporting guests to Maui’s crashing waves and exotic music. And the Roomlia hotel app was launched, presenting hotel deals and enabling bookings seven nights in advice of a stay.

The easy-to-use Worldmate app creates an itinerary and stores all vital travel information needed, from check-in info to maps to price and time conversions and social media alerts when friends are traveling nearby.

Up in the air, planes are finally becoming work zones thanks to inflight Wi-Fi, which really took off in 2014 – even though some airlines charge heavily for the privilege. And boarding could get faster if airlines use a method thought up by astrophysicist Jason Steffan. After extensively studying the boarding process he says that skipping a row between each seat is the fastest way to get a plane in the air.

Finally, Sealander is a trailer that can be hitched to the back of a car and used as a sleeper at a campsite – and as a small boat.

Yahoo Travel


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