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Skiing from your sofa: take a 360-degree virtual reality tour of Norway’s ski slopes


Winter is getting closer and it’s time to blow the dust off your skiing equipment. Or are you not sure if you’re ready for that just yet? We have the solution! Expedia’s new virtual reality 360 experience of one of the biggest ski resorts in Telemark, Norway, allows you to warm up for the season in the comfort of your own home.

Check it out here, but watch out for other skiers!

You will have the choice between three routes with different difficulty levels and scenery. You get a full experience of how it feels to ski down the slopes and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains surrounding Rauland in Telemark.

Rauland is actually Telemarks largest and Norways 4th largest ski destination.
The destination offers 150 km cross country tracks, 46 slopes and 17 lifts.
Make sure to pack warm clothes, base layers, snow proof jackets and trousers.
Fill your backpack with oranges and the ‘Kvikk Lunsj’ chocolate to fit in with the locals.
After a full day of skiing (or if you just did one trip, no one will judge you), a well-earned drink of choice is waiting for you at the nearest ‘Afterski’ (apres-ski) bar at the bottom or halfway down the slopes. Norwegians love afterski.
Skiing, both alpine and cross-country, are deep rooted in the Norwegian culture and tradition, so making jokes is not recommended, it might hurt their pride.
Check the weather, but always prepare for cold snowy days as well as warm sunny days.
There are several different activities you can do in the area, some more exotic than others such as going on a moose safari, learning to kite or winter dogsledding!
The destination is in a proper mountain region and is surrounded by ten mountain tops over 1000 meters above sea level.

What to expect?
In Expedia’s Virtual Reality video the three slopes you can ski down are called Holtarbakken, Rupa and Tiur/Luringen. The first one, Holtarbakken is definitely the most challenging, Rupa is adventurous and Tiur/Luringen gives you the most spectacular views!


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