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Six personalities of travellers of the future


New study reveals how and why we will travel by 2030
Are you a “simplicity searcher” or a “social capital seeker”? A new study reveals how and why we will travel by 2030. It identifies six distinct traveller personalities that travel companies may be able to focus on in their marketing in 15 years’ time.
By 2030, more than 1.8 billion people will travel internationally every year. What will motivates them will be quite different to today, predicts the report by Amadeus, called Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller.
By the end of the next decade, some people will buy and consume travel experiences almost entirely on the basis of how shareable they are, via social networks. Others will demand total simplicity and freedom from having to arrange their own travel, wanting as much as possible to be done remotely, by third parties. A separate group will emerge with a desire for only the most hedonistic, indulgent and must-have experiences.
The research process took a psychographic rather than demographic approach. It identifies the six traveller personalities as:
Social Capital Seekers, who will structure their holidays almost exclusively with online audiences in mind, relying heavily on peer reviews and recommendations to validate their decisions
Cultural Purists, who will look at holidays as a chance to immerse themselves in a very different culture, where enjoyment depends on authenticity
Ethical Travellers, who will make travel plans based on moral grounds, for example cutting their carbon footprint or improving the lives of others, possibly adding volunteering to their holidays
Simplicity Searchers, who will prefer bundled offers, seeking to avoid having to deal with too many details themselves
Obligation Meeters, who will be driven by a specific purpose for travel, whether business or leisure, and have constraints on time and budget
Reward Hunters, who are only interested in indulgent travel.
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