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Singapore Changi to get massive facelift


Two extra terminals, a fourth runway and “Project Jewel”

Singapore Changi Airport will get a massive facelift over the next decade, with two more terminals to stay ahead of regional competitors and a mixed-use development codenamed Project Jewel.

Project Jewel will be built on the 3.5-hectare car-park site fronting Terminal 1. It was designed by a consortium of design consultants led by the renowned Moshe Safdie and will boast an external glass and steel façade, a large-scale indoor garden and a waterfall.

The project was first unveiled by Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, during the city-state’s national day rally over the weekend, with further details revealed by Changi Airport Group.

In Project Jewel, visitors will find aviation and travel-related facilities, retail outlets and leisure attractions meant to draw not just travellers but also Singaporeans.

To make up for the loss in parking space, the project comes with a multi-storey basement car park. The complex will also serve as a node linking the terminals.

Terminal 4 will be constructed on the site of the old Budget Terminal, which closed last year. To be completed in 2017, T4 has a planned capacity of 16 million passengers a year. Meanwhile, construction on the airport’s fourth runway and on Terminal 5 should be completed in a decade, doubling airport capacity from today’s 73 million.

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