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Singapore attraction gets prickly new twist


Gardens by the Bay opens desert plant collections



Already one of Singapore’s top attractions and one of the futuristic super-structures set around the city’s Marina Bay area, Gardens by the Bay now houses one of the biggest cacti and desert plant collections in Southeast Asia.

Home to over a thousand desert plants of around 100 different species and varieties, the gardens’ Sun Pavilion is open to the public bringing yet another unique horticultural treat to visitors.

The 800-square-meter cactus garden is located outdoors, basking in Singapore’s year-round sultry temperatures. With an amazing variety of prickly plants on display, it continues the efforts of the gardens to bring in plants from all over the world so that visitors can take a botanical tour of the globe.

Visitors to the free new attraction can see cacti and succulent plants from semi-arid regions such as Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. Among many other weird and wonderful plants, visitors will be able to spot the Mexican columnar cacti, which bring to mind the desert landscapes of cowboy films, or the large succulent Euphorbias that produce latex to protect themselves against hungry predators.

For those who do not know, Gardens by the Bay is itself a new addition to Singapore’s skyline, opening in June 2012. The environmentally sustainable horticultural attraction consists of two massive glass-domed conservatories and 18 “supertrees” – vertical gardens reaching to the skies.

The Flower Dome contains 87,000 plants from 400 species from around the world, encased in temperate conditions. The other dome, Cloud Forest, has 130,000 plants from 400 species and nine zones to wander through as well as a treetop walk.

Gardens by the Bay is an amalgamation of rare plants, fun family activities and some of the city’s best restaurants and cafés. It adds to Singapore’s image as a tropical metropolis shrouded in luscious greenery, where nature treks and the rich flora of the city’s national parks are always within reach to make a quick escape to at any time.

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[pictured: Gardens by the Bay at night; courtesy www.Singapore.com]


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