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Silencing Snorers once and for all


Plaza trials the world’s first snore absorption room

Snoring sufferers can finally sleep easy thanks to the
first ever snore absorption room that’s helping the sleep deprived tune out and
nod off from their noisy partners. The new room, which is being trialled by
Crowne Plaza is a result of research revealing more than half of UK couples are
losing between one and five hours sleep a night due to the snoring and
snuffling of their partners. That’s up to a decade of lost sleep over a
And the snore absorption room is not only set to cure
sleepless nights, but potentially marriages as well. The research reveals three
in ten couples have come close to splitting up because snoring is coming
between them. Plus, as 50% of UK couples complain their partner’s snoring can
ruin their holiday, a snore absorption room is also being trialled in nine
Crowne Plaza hotels across Europe and the Middle East.
In the UK, the snore absorption room is being trialled
at Crowne Plaza London The City for one week from 27 June – 1 July. The room uses proven technology to help
reduce the dreaded, repetitive nasal noise. The technology includes:
Sound proofing on walls to absorb the loud
frequencies, deflect the sound waves and minimise the impact of snoring. The
walls use egg box style foam which reduces the noise reverberating in the room
A specially designed sound absorbing head board that
will work together with the sound proof walling to muffle the echo within the
An anti-snoring bed wedge which acts as a body pillow,
encouraging snoring guests to sleep on their sides or upright. Lying flat on
your back makes the base of the tongue and soft palate collapse to the back
wall of the throat which causes snoring
An anti-snoring pillow which uses rare neodymium
magnets to create a natural magnetic field, opening the airways and stiffening
the upper palate which vibrates during snoring
A white noise machine which is proven to help drown
out the droning snoring noise and help sleep and relaxation
Tom Rowntree, spokesperson for Crowne Plaza said:
“We’ve all been there. Lying wide awake at three o’clock in the morning
burying our head under a pillow to drown out our partner’s snoring. There’s
nothing worse than being kept up all night and that’s why we’ve designed this
specific snore absorption room to help give our guests a great night’s sleep’.
Dr Chris Idzikowski, sleep expert, added:
“Snoring is a common problem and whilst it’s thought of as a male problem,
women can suffer from it as well. Snoring is made by vibrations of the soft
palate and tissue in the mouth, nose and throat. There are lots of things you
can do to help control the problem and I’m pleased to see Crowne Plaza
trialling a Snore Absorption room to try to reduce the impact of snoring.”
Crowne Plaza


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