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Should Greenland set limit on tourist numbers?


Care should be taken marketing Greenland as a destination
Care should be taken in marketing Greenland as a tourist destination, argues Michael Keldsen, a Danish barrister and columnist for the newspaper Sermtisiaq.
Most of us want to be a tourist someplace where there are no other tourists, he says. In Greenland, that’s still possible. The very thing Greenland offers is a place that’s still wild – a rare quality that will be in high demand as people travel more.
Tourism currently makes up 10% of global GDP and is now within reach for hundreds of millions of people in the West, Russia, China, Japan and many more countries.
These days, truly wild places are hard to find. Yet most tourists feel that arriving at a destination where there are other visitors takes something away from the experience. Greenland’s decision-makers should take care that tourism contributes to the economy while recognising when the experience starts to diminish.
So there is a paradox, Keldsen says. Setting a limit on the number of tourists is one of the things that will allow Greenland to continue to attract larger visitor numbers.
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