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Shanti Loka Resort launches new website – enjoy a blissful holiday in Bali!


Shanti Loka Resort Launches New Website – www.shantiloka.eu!

Northern Bali which host one of the island’s most beautiful holiday get away with five authentic Balinese houses next to rice fields, 100 meter from beach and sea and daily yoga classes, has today announced the official launch of its new website,www.shantiloka.eu.

A place of relaxing and a genuine, friendly, comfortable, blissful, unpretentious lifestyle, The Shanti Loka Resort provides an inspiring and beautiful environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul.Besides its signature Yoga and meditation offerings, the resort loves organising tours like dolphin watching and visit hot springs and temples.

Known for its blissful holiday hang out in the north of Bali, the Shanti Loka Resort, is home to every traveller, but is particularly targetted at yoga lovers. As according to the resorts owner, Lodewijk Scholtens The Shanti Loka offers a never before experienced blissful Balinese authentic accommodation and yoga classes.

Asked why visitors would want to come to his resort, Mr. Scholtens says simply because the resort, located in a peaceful surroundings and with just five houses where persons really can experience the bliss of Bali. “This is something that is missed by many tourists nowadays in the south of Bali who love partying and drinking,” says the resort owner.

“We offer the opposite… beautiful views, lounge areas, dipping pool, yoga, Balinese food and peace… where people can release their stress and charge themselves up again,” adds Mr. Scholtens.

A centrepiece of the Shanti Loka Resort experience is its Lumbung villa, overviewing the rice fields, sea and hills and just 100 meters located from a ‘private’ beach. With four bedrooms (two bedrooms with double beds and two bedrooms with one bed), the Lumbung provides access to a restaurant that provides an a la carte menu and multiple sundecks, lounge areas and a dipping pool.

For further information about the Shanti Loka resort and the rich cultural experience and relaxation it offers the traveller, please visit the following website:www.shantiloka.eu


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