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Seychelles wellness & spa sector set for rapid expansion


Whether it’s a holistic detox programme designed to rejuvenate tired executive bodies, a stimulating Yoga, relaxing Meditation, a peaceful Tai Chi Retreat or simply a few days of unadulterated  spa  and pamper luxury  – somewhere on the Seychelles Islands there is a unique Wellness Experience waiting.

Not to be overshadowed by the hugely successful  Seychelles Carnival, the Seychelles Wellness & Spa sector is also experiencing significant growth, each year attracting increasing numbers of enlightened clients to enjoy the magical year round climate that Seychelles offers.

Often referred to as the original Garden of Eden, the Seychelles Islands are  home to many of the world’s most pristine beaches which have in turn attracted many of the leading brands from the Wellness & Spa world, all offering their own unique style of luxury pampering in these idyllic islands.

In addition to a new dedicated Wellness Centre at Sans Souci on the main island of Mahe which hosts a variety of Wellness Retreats including homeopathy, Meditation and Yoga, there are over twenty world class hotels and resorts offering superb spa and pamper  facilities, all of which  are promoted under the “pureSeychelles” marque.

pureSeychelles  is launched by UK  based  “wellness”  aficionados  David and Marsha Clarke as a year round promotion to complement  the annual week long Seychelles International  Mind Body Spirit Festival,  that seeks to offer a  world-wide Wellness and Spa platform  in the Seychelles Islands. The festival is supported by several prominent bodies including the Seychelles Tourist Board.

contact     David or Marsha Clarke

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