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Seychelles tourism announces dates for 2015 “Carnival of Carnivals”


As the “carnivalista fever” is now spreading across the Seychelles, and the opening salvo just 40 hours away at the Stade Popilar, where all participating troupes from around the world will dance, sing, and perhaps even somersault in front of the arguably largest crowd assembled yet at any of the launch nights of the increasingly popular festival, Tourism Seychelles has used the opportunity to announce the dates for next year already.

The world of carnivals will come to the islands for the period of April 24 to 26, and going by expressions of regret that many were unable to come this year, it is very likely that the 2015 edition will be a sell-out as the popularity of the colorful parade spreads further and further.

Full-scale delegations this year come from Brazil, China, Germany, the UK, Indonesia, South Africa, Reunion, Rodrigues, South Korea, Russia, Trinidad&Tobago, and also from Mozambique, which together with the Kingdom of Bhutan, Switzerland, and Bangladesh are first-time attendees. Other countries present will be Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland. Michael Quinn and the Bourbon Kings, and Lisa Harley and Zydekats from the United States, will also perform at the opening night on Friday.

The foreign participation will be boosted by now 26 local floats put together by such leading companies as Air Seychelles, the Kempinski Seychelles Resort, the Constance Ephelia Resort&Spa, Le Meridien Fisherman`s Cove, and the Seychelles Tourism Academy, among many others.

Mauritius has withdrawn their participation this year, even though the privately-arranged presence of a troupe last year proved to be a crowd puller, turning into one of the most photographed performances of them all. Their absence at the last minute raised multiple questions, but, of course, no answers were forthcoming for the over 150 journalists from around the world who were left bewildered when the news was broken to them. Many suspected some heavy arm wrestling behind the scenes from the usual suspects causing Mauritius to again go AWOL.

That, however, was the only downside to the enthusiasm which is already sweeping the capital of Victoria, where decorations and huge banners have gone up over the past few days, where a route map has been published to allow locals and foreign visitors to select their vantage points to see the parade juggernaut waltz by on Saturday afternoon before on Sunday a special Kiddies` Carnival will take place, and where a Grand Farewell party on Sunday will bring this year`s festival to a close in a colorful finale.

For those who miss the fun this year, be sure to join the global “carnivalistas” next year and experience Africa` wildest “Mother of all Carnivals.”

For added information about the Seychelles islands, visit www.seychelles.travel


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