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Seychelles’ unique Coco de Mer nut is latest chocolate collection for Valentines 2012


French Chocolatier Patrick Roger had come up with the latest chocolate collection with both male and female Coco de Mer chocolates for 2012 Valentine’s Day.

“One cannot miss them … the shop windows are full of them,” said a Parisian to the French press. Patrick Roger has 6 shops in Paris, 1 in the suburbs, and 1 in Brussels. They are all located in up-market areas and all have brought a new twist in increasing visibility of the mid-ocean tourist paradise of the Seychelles.

The Coco de Mer nut is unique to the Seychelles and grows primarily in the Vallee de Mai Nature Park on the Island of Praslin. The Vallee de Mai has been called the Garden of Eden because of that unique nut with its erotic shape. The Coco de Mer has the female tree that bears the erotic nut weighing 40pounds and the male tree bears but a male like catkin that carries the pollen required for reproduction.

“We have our Coco de Mer as the unique nut in the Guinness Book of Records. This we do not need to spell out as everyone knows that this natural treasure grows only in Seychelles. Now we have a collection of chocolates brought out for Valentines 2012 that copies our unique nut and its male catkin. Appreciating this natural marvel because of its shape is one thing, but understanding its reproductive mode will only be better understood by a visit to the island of Praslin in the Seychelles, the home of the Coco de Mer,” said Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.


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