Home News Serious concerns at EU travel protection laws

Serious concerns at EU travel protection laws


“Enforcers” warn of serious risks in revised PTD

Concern is growing about key proposals for a revised version of the Package Travel Directive (PTD) currently under discussion at the European Parliament and Council of Ministers.

A summary has just been released of the conclusions of a meeting in London last November of the directive’s “implementers and enforcers”. The summary says there are “serious concerns over the options given to travel firms to establish themselves in member states with the most favourable regime”.

The worry is that a switch from the current situation, where travel companies are required to abide by the regulations in the market where they sell to consumers, to one where they must abide by the rules in the country where they are established, “will create a gap in protection”.

The change would mean “the exclusion of non-EEA [European Economic Area] organisers” from the regulations, creating “an uneven competitive environment” for EU-based companies, with “a risk that internet-based firms will move their operations outside the EEA to avoid these obligations”.

Further problem areas include, among others, cross border protection could fail to deliver insolvency provisions; consumers would have to cope with repatriation arrangements in another country, where language barriers would make claiming a refund difficult; and serious concerns over options given to travel firms to establish themselves in the member state with the most favourable regime, irrespective of where they target their business.

To see the full report, click here.

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