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Self-driving bus trial grinds to a halt


Dutch buses were proving to be a hazard to cyclists
A pioneering trial involving self-driving buses has been pulled from the streets because of an embarrassing hiccup. After just two days on the roads, the Netherlands’ very first self-driving buses have been locked away as they were a hazard to cyclists.
Ooststellingwerf municipality was trying out two self-driving buses last week but found that cyclists needed to get out of the bike lane to allow them to pass. So the buses were considered a danger.
The vehicles were following a 2.5km route from Wester Es to Drents-Friese Wold and back again. The municipality is now trying to figure out how to get the six-passenger vehicles back on the road.
The buses run on electricity and have a steward on board who can help in case something goes wrong.
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